"Last Gate North"

About Us

This beautiful area  known to be a prominent place for fish species to spawn, in particular the flounder (Patiki).  Even to this day the stream still has fish in its upper reaches that have travelled from the Parengarenga Harbour.

Wai Patiki (as it was originally known as) was a gathering point where whanau and hapu would meet, fish and obtain fresh water.  It was the central point where food gatherers from the East and West Coast would rest and share kai (food) between one another.  over good food and experience the warmth.

Experience Far North Hospitality

Waitiki has a reputation for it's hospitality and are able to provide the perfect base for you to explore the beautiful local region, surf and fish it's beaches, take walks and for the more adventurous sand-board down the giant Te Puke Sand Dunes.